Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Touch not the Lord's anointed" - the doctrine of immunity

This piece is the third in a series called "The language of Mercy".  Please click here to read my disclaimer.  I have deviated slightly from my original plan for the series with this piece. It is structured around the use of loaded language, but focuses more on the “fruit” of the principles represented by the language.

My experiences relate to Mercy Ministries Australia, however women from the Mercy homes abroad may identify with aspects of this piece.

Please note that as I share my encounters with Mercy staff members, I do so to illustrate the dynamics being discussed in this piece that were operational in the program, and not to bring condemnation on those who acted these dynamics out.  I have no malice in my heart toward them and I sincerely hope they have since had the opportunity to gain some freedom from their own issues which were evidenced by their actions.