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For the last few years, I have blogged mainly about my faith, my personal struggles, and my experience in a bible-based cult known as Mercy Ministries.  This blog was initially an outlet for me to vent my pain in the safety of anonymity, and also to reach out to other cult survivors.  But needs, risks and situations change, and after much culling and unpublishing of my content, I have decided to emerge from the shadows of anonymity.

So!  Let me tell you a bit more about myself :)

I'm Sarah.  I'm 30 years old.  I am married and live in Sydney.  I currently have no pets or children, but that may change some day :)

My life has been interesting, at times fraught with pain, but also full of opportunities to learn and grow.  If the truth be known, I still find life pretty painful, but there are definitely more exciting and happy moments than before.  I don't know that the pain will ever truly go away, but I can live in hope, and show compassion and understanding to others in their suffering.

A few interesting facts about me (besides being a Christian cult survivor with mental health issues)...
  • I'm Aussie
  • I use to be a roadie
  • I have been to Iceland
  • I have a weakness for bogan rock music
  • I am a member of Mensa
  • I run an international cult survivors network
  • I love being creative! I am currently writing two fiction books, and may write a third book about my experience in a cult.  I also have video projects on the horizon and frequently assist my talented husband in his song writing efforts.
  • During one of the Sydney 2000 Olympic ceremonies, I was a giant Mambo blow up chicken called the Violent Hen.
  • No matter what negative labels, misunderstandings or prejudices I have encountered in life (and there are many!), I ALWAYS prove them wrong!
Lastly, if you would like to view more of my writing, I also blog at The Cult Foundation, The Elijah Tree and Mercy Survivors.

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