To tell you the whole story would fill a book.

In my best attempt at a nutshell...

I had an extremely profound experience at the age of about eight years old which marked the beginning of my relationship with God.  I became a closet Christian for complicated reasons.

Stuff happened.  I couldn't reconcile what "I" had done the fact I did not want it to happen.  I was shattered.  It became to painful to love God and care about life or eternity.  I faded into spiritual apathy.

Six years later, I renounced my belief in God altogether at the age of 15. 

Age 20, in God's time and with my willingness to be open, I came back. 

It hasn't always been a pleasant experience, and I haven't always been able to separate my understanding of God from those who speak and act in His name, but that is part of the journey and I think I am stronger for it.

If you are curious about God or how I came to know him, I would be happy to answer questions you might have.

Links I recommend are...
  • Christian Forums
    Great place for all kinds of discussions - light, heavy, faith-related and "other"-related. A bit spammy these days though.  All welcome!
  • Got Questions?
    A good starting place if you are wanting to understand more about Christianity.
  • John Lennox
    John Lennox has a range of stimulating and easy-to-follow talks on his website.  He is a well known Christian apologetics person and has debated Richard Dawkins.
  • Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross Foundation
    This one is a little left field.  Shelley Lubben is an ex-porn star who became a Christian.  There are some really interesting articles and eye opening stats on her websites about the sex industry as well as discussion forums and stories of other ex-porn stars.

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  1. Hey. This is a reply to Sean, sorry your comment got deleted when i had to uninstall Intense Debate cos i was having issues with it.

    Have you been to Christian Forums before? There is a regional forum for Aus/NZ that attracts ppl of different faith (or non-faith!) backgrounds. They chat about current affairs, faith related, non-faith related. I haven't been there for a long time so i'm not sure how active it is now. There are also discussions in the outreach section with ppl of various faith backgrounds too.